Canstruction Victoria 2014

The inaugural Canstruction Victoria event was held May 30th to June 8th at Mayfair Shopping Centre and was certainly embraced by the community! Working with the theme of ‘CANadiana’, eight wonderful teams put extensive thought, creativity and passion into their sculpture creations. These Canstructions ranged from 2,000 to 7,000 cans of food and cost between $3,400 and $10,000 to build. In total, the event raised more than 29,000 cans of food to donate to The Mustard Seed, worth just over $47,000! Another $1,000 was raised towards the cause through the People’s Choice votes and donations. All those cans of food weighed an impressive 30,569 pounds and equated to approximately 36,683 meals donated. The Mustard Seed reported that food from Canstruction Victoria 2014 stocked their shelves from June until the end of September, helping out greatly in a typically difficult time for the organization.

Major sponsors:

Mayfair Shopping Centre, Sysco Victoria, Country Grocer, The Times Colonist, Hipwood Digital, Victoria Box & Paper, Slegg Lumber, Romeo’s and Victoria Premier Network Group.

Participating teams and Sculpture Title/Concept:

1) Mayfair Shopping Centre – ‘The Legislature’


2) Sysco Victoria – ‘Kids Can Play’/CFL Theme


3) Country Grocer – ‘CANcouver Island’


4) St. Michael’s University School – ‘Gone “Can”ping!’


5) Christine Lintott Architect – ‘Pachitle’/Coast Salish Totems
*Winner of ‘Juror’s Favourite’, ‘Best Use of Labels’ and ‘People’s Choice’*


6) D’Ambrosio Architecture & Urbanism – ‘Inuk-Shook Up By Hunger’
*Winner of ‘Structural Ingenuity’ and ‘Best Meal’*


7) Seafirst Insurance Brokers & Finlayson Bonet Architecture – ‘Eager Beavers’


8) Steller Architectural Consulting – ‘Fisgard Lighthouse – Fort Rod Hill’
*Winner of Honourable Mention*