Canstruction Victoria 2018

Canstruction Victoria 2018

The fifth annual Canstruction Victoria event was held from May 4th to the 14th at Hillside Shopping Centre. Massive structures made completely out of non-perishable food items brought our biggest results yet! This year’s theme of ‘Around the World,’ resulted with a best ever 12 teams competing, which took visitors of the event on a worldly journey. The Canstructions ranged from 1,500 to over 10,000 cans and cost between $2,000 and $10,000 to build. The 2018 event raised 43,293 cans equating to 68,987 lbs. of food! With cash donations of over $4700 the event raised an outstanding total value of $184,135.60 between cash and can donations. In 2018 Canstruction Victoria also saw 3 International recognitions. Team St. Michael’s University School placed 3rdin the International People’s Choice Award. Team Farmer Construction Ltd placed 5thin the International competition for Most Cans. Finally, we placed 7thon the list for Canstruction’s Top 25 Cities donating the most canned food in 2018! The continued success of Canstruction Victoria would not be possible without the support of our community, teams, sponsors and volunteers. To date, Canstruction Victoria events have raised over 177,000 cans of food, which, in addition to monetary donations, equals approximately $571,275 worth of product and funds to local hunger relief. These accomplishments have been achieved in just 50 short days over 5 years. Our team is very thankful of the support given thus far and are looking forward to another successful event come 2019!

2018 Canstruction Event Poster

Major sponsors:

Hillside Shopping Centre, Sysco Victoria, Fairway Market, The Times Colonist, The Zone @ 91.3, 100.3 The Q! The Island’s Rock, Lamar Transit Advertising, Romeo’s & Used Victoria.

Participating teams and Sculpture Title/Concept:

1. Knappett Projects & Herold Engineering: InterCANnected!

*Winner – ‘Structural Ingenuity’*



2. Low Hammond Rowe Architects: Tsunami of Food

*Winner – ‘Best Original Design’*



3. Farmer Construction Ltd.: InTINational CANstation

*Winner – ‘Most Cans’*



4. SeaFirst Insurance & Finlayson Bonet Architecture: Around the World in 2500 Cans

*Winner – ‘Best Use Of Labels’*



5. St. Michael’s University School: ‘Can’Mahal

*Winner – ‘People’s Choice Award’*



6. Christine Lintott Architects: CANtainer Ship

*Winner – ‘Honourable Mention’*



7. Fairway Market Team #1: Shopping Around The World


8. Sysco Victoria: The World CAN Eat Soup


9. Fairway Market Team #2: Buzzing Around The World


10. Kinetic Construction Ltd: Wipe Hunger off the Map


11. Canadian Tire #365 Hillside: An Olympic Perspective


12. Fairway Market Collective: Keep Calm and Drink Tea