Our Mission

A message from our Founder Christopher Mavrikos

Dear Community Members:


The Dahlia Society started as an idea, an idea that was fostered by my experiences as a child. Some of my earliest memories are of my Mother taking me by the hand to drop off donations for those less fortunate than us. I have also watched my Father’s continual generosity and have been inspired by many others throughout the years.


I chose the dahlia as the symbol of this Society as it was my late mother’s favorite flower. Dahlias in general come in many different kinds and in a multitude of colors. I felt that they were a fitting representation of our community – one of many different groups, cultures, religions and ethnicities.


I have always been passionate about giving back and living in a healthy community and I am so proud to begin this journey and start The Dahlia Society. It was said during my previous Think Pink! fundraising work that I am a ‘Man on a Mission’. Well, The Dahlia Society is also on a mission – a mission to grow our community. We want to continue to make where we live a healthy and welcoming place; one where we support local programs and initiatives. We want to make where we live a better place by helping those who need it, when they need it.


We plan on building our community by hosting an annual Canstruction® Victoria event in support of The Mustard Seed. We will also be carrying on my mission of supporting local breast cancer initiatives by holding Think Pink! events and campaigns in our community. In addition, we will host several unique events that engage the people of Victoria. We will connect with business owners, athletes, musicians, artists and people just like you so that we can all focus our energies and create a better local community.We are so strong when we all come together and work as one. I am proud to say that The Dahlia Society is 100 per cent volunteer-driven and I am so thankful to have such an amazing Board of Directors and a fantastic Advisory Board. Without their wisdom, passion and commitment to bettering our community, our dahlia would not have grown to what it is today.


I look forward to the years ahead and hope that you will join us in growing our society. I am looking forward to growing our community with you.



Founder/Executive Director

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